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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ski Mont Saint Bruno

Guess what my Breaky friends??? Winter is officially here – perhaps not so apparent in Montreal, but many ski hills are now open and the countryside is snow white, at least in the Laurentiens! With temperatures not falling too far from zero, and excellent snow making capacities on the slopes, this is truly an ideal time to get out there!

Yesterday, I went to Belle Neige for my first day of the season which got me thinking about some of you who may not have ever tried out skiing or snowboarding before. While I was doing my MBA at HEC, and could only dream of taking a day off to get on my snowboard, our Strategy professor asked us to analyze a case study on Mont Saint Bruno – a ski resort just 15 km from Montreal that focuses on beginner and intermediate skiers. So if you have ever contemplated trying it out, this is an excellent opportunity to do so! And, with the holiday season just around the corner, a gift certificate is available which makes an excellent gift for friends, family, or colleagues!

If you want to learn how to ski or snowboard, spend a family day outdoors with the kids or grandkids, Mont Saint Bruno is the place to go before you venture further out to the countryside. There are 15 trails with a night time schedule available as well. Tickets can be paid on an hourly rate which provides you with the flexibility to spend as much or as little time out there as you would like. This is the only hill where you can pay to ski for just one hour! Equipment can also be rented at an hourly rate (starting at a minimum of 2 hours) so you don’t need to come prepared with more than some well layered clothing. And, if you plan to take advantage of the hill several times throughout the season, you can buy packages of tickets at a discount:

If you have never been to a ski hill, you may not know that healthy food options are often difficult to come by, and packing a lunch is not always that convenient. Mont Saint Bruno has a beautiful dining hall with healthy options; On the other hand, if you still prefer to enjoy a poutine or burger, this is also available of course!

If you have a season’s pass, you can also join the adventure expedition group and visit other hills in the Laurentiens, Eastern Townships etc. If you don’t have a pass, and space is available, you may still be able to join an excursion. To see a calendar of expeditions check out the schedule at

As of now, there are 6 trails open with 30 cm of packed snow. Check out the conditions before you head out:

Whether you want to ski by day or night, weekday or weekend, Mont Saint Bruno has one of the most flexible schedules:

Since Mont Saint Bruno has a highly qualified school of instructors, I suggest that you take a one hour lesson, and then spend some time practicing on your own. The real beauty of Mont Saint Bruno is the convenience to suit anyone’s schedule!

If you have ever been to Mont Saint Bruno, we would love to hear about your experiences there - so please let me know, and I will publish your story for everyone to read.

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