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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Now let’s be honest. We don’t all love winter, and some of us just want to find fun things to do indoors – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Right now, it’s starting to get cold out there; we’re getting lots of rain and little snow, so it’s definitely a little early for snowshoeing!

I have tried a number of fun indoor activities, but scrapbooking was never one of them, so this next post was really fun to explore, and I’m definitely going to give it a try now! I’m one of those people who can get very camera happy, and snap pictures of just about anything wherever I go, but when it comes down to having memories to share, the photos end up sitting on my camera or lap-top and almost never make it to a traditional album anymore. But now, with the fun that can be had with scrapbooking, I’m planning to create some great souvenirs of all the fun things I’ve done!

Now my first question is about what materials I need to get started in the first place. If you visit any store-front or look through inventory online, the possibilities are endless! So here’s a list of the basics you will need to get started:

1 An Album

2 A sharp pair of scissors

3 Adhesive (acid-free works well on cardstock & photos)

4 Cardstock and Patterned Papers

5 Journal Pens

6 A Paper Trimmer

7 A Ruler

8 A Pencil

Ok, so now that we know what we need, the question is, how can we learn the techniques and where we can get these materials? I found two fantastic options in Montreal that I would like to tell you about;

I interviewed Samantha Star of ScrapBook Star ( ) and Berit Naume Hovland of Scrapaholix - Montreal Chapter ( for some insights into what they have to offer. So here it is, and if you have any questions that I may not have addressed, please let me know and I will inquire for you!

Before I contacted Samantha, I had a look at her fantastic and colorful website! Samantha hosts a storefront and online site, where you can get all your scrapbooking tools delivered directly to your door! So, if you really find it too cold out there to leave home, you don’t even have to! Not only that, but there’s an online forum hosting 8100 users with anywhere from 5-171 people logged in at any one time – so you can enjoy the whole scrapbooking experience from home, and you can even post your works of art in her gallery. And if you’re reading this, you must have an interest in blogs – so guess what? Samantha has one too: ( However, if you still want to get out there and scrapbook with other people, check out her online calendar of workshops taking place at her store in NDG at: ( So here’s how my interview went with Samantha:

Can you tell me about the various workshops you host?

We give everything from scrapbooking for beginners, to card making, book binding to other paper crafts such as mini albums, calendars etc. All materials are provided for the beginner classes. For our other classes we ask that students arrive with a basic tool kit, which varies from class to class.

What age group does the store-front attract for materials and workshops?

We serve a large range of customers from grade school students to retirees.

How many people attend a typical workshop? Is there always room, or should people call in advance to reserve?

The minimum number of people for a workshop is 4, the maximum is 8. We ask that people reserve their seats. We do have activities called Crops where people bring their own projects to work on, in a group environment. Crops are catered and include goody bags and games and prizes and we generally have anywhere from 12 – 32 people!

Do you provide 1 to 1 workshops or host parties or get-togethers?

We do provide private classes upon request and host birthday parties or other private parties in the store.

Do you have free services?

People can come in at any time and ask for advice on a project they’re working on. We are after all here to help.

Are there any current contests you would like to tell us about?

We have monthly contests which can be found at the following link: (

I also wanted to see if there were any clubs related to scrapbooking in Montreal, and came across the Scrapaholix global website! As I explored the Forum, Gallery, and virtual classes hosted by the owner, Bev Beaudette, I came across a page dedicated to the Montreal Chapter. This is where I found out about Berit, and wanted to know more about her classes so I contacted her. Berit is full of life, and very busy, but managed to make time for my interview with her. She is very enthusiastic about scrapbooking, and here is what she had to say:

Can you tell me about the classes you teach? What would you like people to know about them?

Every month we have a new technique to work with. It can be something that is quite new on the market or something that has been around for a while, but sometimes we can find new ways to use an “old” technique. I teach the technique, we work, share experiences, chat, and have fun and relax all at the same time!

Where are your classes held?

So far I have held the classes in my home and we have had one week-end crop in the Norwegian Church in Lachine. If the club grows to a big club, I have to look for another location or do several smaller groups.

When is the next class?

The next club night will be Wednesday November 26th from 18.30 to 21.00 ++ since I don’t ever ask anyone to leave! The technique we will be doing is called “Dry Embossing” and we will use Coredinations Cardstock which is a special card stock that is really fun to work with!

How much does it cost?

The price is 15$ which includes the kit, instruction, and coffee/tea.

How many people attend a typical class? Is there always room, or should people call in advance to reserve?

We can be a maximum of eight people at a time, and so far we have been from two to eight persons a month. You have to call or e-mail me ( in advance to reserve your spot and your kit, and of course to make sure that I have enough kits. First come, first served. And of course, if people register early enough, I can order more kits.

What materials should people bring with them to a class? What if they don’t have any materials?

I use to tell people to bring their “basic” tools and adhesives. But if you are new to scrapbooking and don’t have any tools, you’re welcome to come “as is”. I will provide you with everything you need for the first two club nights, and I will give you advice about what to buy as basic tools and where you can buy them, and I promise you – you don’t need a lot of tools to join the club. But of course, you need to bring some photos!

What age group do your classes attract? Do you know the age group of members online?

I know very little about age, but we have had people here from just around twenty to over sixty. Age doesn’t matter; we are just having a good time and enjoying scrapbooking!

Do you provide 1 to 1 classes? Would you be willing to visit people in their homes? Host Parties or get-togethers?

Yes, to everything, as long as I have time of course.

Does Scrapaholix have any free services?

Except for the web-page and the forum, no. But now and then I have had some free “come-together-and-do-some-scrapbook-work” evenings for my members.

Both Samantha and Berit were very enthusiastic about scrapbooking and it seems to me that their services are very complimentary. The class schedules don’t conflict, and Samantha’s store can be a great source of materials that can be directly delivered to your door!

So there you have it! Questions, Comments? Please let me know! And don’t forget to visit Scrapbook Star in NDG on Somerled or online at ( and check in with Berit at the next class on November 26th. But don’t forget to let her know you’re coming, ( And for an online international experience visit the Scrapoholix website at (

Have a great time!

Note; in order to avoid posting a very long entry (too late!!!), the blog above is just an excerpt of the interviews with Samantha and Berit. If you’re interested in the complete version, please send me an email ( and I’ll forward a copy to you.

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