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Friday, March 13, 2009

Les Printemps du Musée d’Art Contemporaine (MAC) : Abstraction

On April 24th, the Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting an exciting event called Abstraction that will provide the opportunity to enjoy the unusual experience of venturing through the museum throughout the hours of 9PM-3AM! The soirée will feature Quebec artist Claude Tousignant, DJ Vito V, as well as various other exhibits and performances!

The MAC committee organizing the event consists a group of dynamic young individuals whose mission is to “encourage new generations to take an active interest in contemporary art, while raising awareness on the importance of the MAC’s role in preserving and promoting this great heritage in Montreal, throughout Canada and abroad.”

Location: Museum of Contemporary Art: 185 Sainte-Catherine W

Tickets: $100 with profits going to support the museum. Open Bar & Hors-D’oeuvres served throughout the night.

For tickets and more information contact Kim McKenna at (514) 847-6270

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